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Harold Brighouse

Directed by: Judy Parrack

9th - 13th February, 1988

This heart warming comedy by the author of 'Hobson's Choice' was unaccountably forgotten for a number of years until it was successfully revived by The Royal Exchange Theatre about 12 years ago for its opening production, as a result it has had a second lease of life. Lancashire Comedies have been popular with Northern audiences for years and it is nice to have the opportunity to present one that has not been over exposed.

Paul MunningGeoff Bird
Zachariah MunningGeoff Reyner
Joe WrigleyBill Platt
James AbbottJohn Rowlands
Thomas MowattDerrick Jones
Harry ShoebridgeJohn Garner
Mrs. MunningJoyce Pomfret
Virginia CavenderSamantha Beswick
Martha WrigleyPam Roberts
Sally TealeColette Stapleton
Set ConstructionMary Burns
Cyril Hines
Anne Hines
Barbara Hayward
Gordon Butler
John Rowlands
LightingGordon Butler
Graeme Dunn
SoundCyril Hines
PropertiesBarbara Hayward
Barbara Hopkinson
WardrobeChristine Hall
Shelagh Hewitt
Make upEdna Garner
ContinuityLiz Crossland
Programme DesignDerek Frith
Wedding Cake kindly loaned by Martyn Jackson of Gatley