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The Wind In The Willows


adapted by Alan Bennett
from the book by Kenneth Grahame

Directed by: Chris Hall

2nd - 6th September 2014

With the arrival of spring and fine weather outside, the good-natured Mole loses patience with spring cleaning. He flees his underground home, emerging to take in the air and ends up at the river, which he has never seen before. Here he meets Ratty (a water rat), who at this time of year spends all his days in, on and close by the river. Rat takes Mole for a ride in his rowing boat... An ingenious adaptation of the classic children's novel by Alan Bennett.

The River Bank
Toady David Carlile
Ratty Paul Lewis
Moley Sean Lavelle
Badger Mark Lees
Albert Jordan Phillips
Otter Scarlett Dean
Amelia Williams
Portly Marius Cotteverte Roques
Kitty Hindle
Daniel Frazer, Beatrice Johnson, Alisha Read-Walker, Rachel Tibbitts, Chloe Lewis, Adele Cotteverte Roques, Maisie Hindle
Joel Golding, Ben Metcalfe, Heidi Dean, Heidi Davis
Jenny Wright, Sophie Monk, Brandon Rogers
Field Mice
Marius Cotteverte Roques, Kitty Hindle, Alana Wilson, Finn Williams, Frances Johnson, Hannah Mulroney, Isobelle Fisher, Heidi Davis, Jasmine Howson, Emily Fairlie, Adele Cotteverte Roques, Maisie Hindle, Isla Kiblane
The Wild Wood
Chief Weasel Eli Bolland
Weasel Norman Jack Atkinson
Ferret Gerald Anna Pullar
Sgt Fred Ferret Ellie Brooks
Stoat Stuart Scarlett Dean
Amelia Williams
Fox Daniel Frazer
The Wild World
Parkinson Brandon Rogers
Rupert Daniel Frazer
Monica Amy Pullar
Magistrate Christine Blease
Clerk of the Court Sophie Monk
Policeman Alisha Read-Walker
Rachel Tibbitts
Gaoler's Daughter Amy Pullar
Washerwoman Christine Blease
Train Driver Jack Atkinson
Bargewoman Rhiannon Lewis
Gypsy Ellie Brooks
Musical Director Luke Moulsher
Stage Manager Jennie Davey
Choreography Nathaniel Hall
Stage Design Nathaniel Hall
Margherita Murgia
Stage Construction Steve Hall
Peter Andrews
Lighting Chris Toms
Sound Martin Davey
Costume Chris Hall
Properties Jane Ellis
Joyce Sykes
Chaperones Ann Davey
Gaelle Cotteverte Roques
Poster Design by Alex Hall