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When We Are Married


J.B. Priestley

Directed by: Robert Lindop

6th -9th Oct 1965

The young organist of the village church is courting Nancy, the niece of Alderman Helliwell who doesn't think very much of the companionship. With two other leading citizens and churchgoers he calls the young man, Gerald, to his home to warn him that playing the organ is all that is required of him. It is with some glee that the organist informs them that he has discovered the parson was not qualified to marry couples and consequently the village's three staunchest and most respected couples are not married at all. The effect of the announcement is cataclysmic. Before things are settled, lives have been jarred amusingly and smugness has given way to hilarious adventure.
Ruby Sandra Calladine
Mrs Northrop Bobby Eastwood
Henry Ormondroyd Peter Womby
Alderman Joseph Helliwell Joe Crossland
Maria Helliwell Meg Stenson
Herbert Sopitt Ray Thomas
Clara Soppitt Sylvia Winterbottom
Gerald Forbes Norman Whitelam
Nancy Holmes Vicki Bowen
Fred Dyson Peter Slater
Councillor Albert Parker Len Yates
Annie Parker Effie Runciman
Lottie Grady Emma Hare
Rev Clement Mercer Adam Hare
Stage Manager David Griffiths
ASM Lucy Butler
Electricians Gordon Butler
Malcolm Gregory
Sound Anne Hines
Properties Judith Parrack
Freda Hinson
Prompter Shirley Quick
Workshop Manager John WIlliamson
House Managers Judith Parrack
Freda Hinson