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Two One Acts

September? 1975

Losers by Brian Friel - Directed by Norman Whitelam
Losers is a play about middle aged lovers, Hanna and Andy, who are trying to make a relationship while having Hanna's mother, Mrs Wilson, and Cissy, next door neighbour, watching them constantly. Mrs Wilson and Cissy are very Catholic and do not think it is appropriate for Hanna's and Andy's relationship to continue. Mrs Wilson tries to break up their relationship by constantly ringing her bell, and wanting prayers.
Andy TraceyPeter Womby
Hanna TraceyMargaret Brocklehurst
Cissy CassidyHilda Carrol
Mrs WilsonJoyce Pomfret
The Coffee Lace by John Bowen - Directed by Judy Parrack
The Coffee Lace tells the story of a group of twilight years actors living in seedy accommodation who scrimp and save all year to have their 'day out' When one of their number dies, they are faced with the dilemma of either burying their friend in her precious lace dress or hocking it as they usually do to make enough money to pay for her funeral.
RoseDoris Cocking
IrisJoyce Pomfret
LilyMeg Stenson
Mr DavisDavid Green
SonnyColin Walker
JimmyArthur Dyer
JohnnyRoy Brocklehurst
MadgeSusan Devlin
Miss PeelLynda Hankinson
Stage ManagerCyril Hines
Set DesignDavid Gregson
Set ConstructionHarry Outhwaite
Stan Brown
Cecil Wildman
Make-UpNicole Worrall
LightingRod Holt
Mary Gregory
SoundMark Leonard
PropertiesBarbara Jay
May Seal
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
ContinuityJanet Pecker
Freda Hinson