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Two One Acts

7th - 10th October 1970

Harlequinade by Terence Rattigan
Directed by Edna Garner
A farcical caricature of theatrical life in the forties.
Arthur GosportPeter Womby
Edna SelbyJudy Parrack
JeannieJean Hill
Dame Maud GosportMary Gregory
Jack WakefieldRay Thomas
George ChudleighDavid Gregson
First HalbadierRod Holt
Second HalbadierBill Ingram
Miss FishlockMarjorie Mayhew
Muriel PalmerMaureen Barton
Tom PalmerBill Ingram
Mr. BurtonArthur Dyer
Joyce LanglandFreda Hinson
PolicemanJohn Mills
Fred IngramRon Proctor
DukeJohn Mills
First MonkBabs Jay
Second MonkCyril Hines

What Shall We Tell Caroline by John Mortimer
Directed by Cyril Hines
A play about non-communication.
Lily LoudonMaisie Pring
Arthur LoudonNorman Whitelam
Tony PetersDavid Gregson
CarolineHelen Scott
Incidental Music Arranged By Pat Nash
Production Team
Stage ManagerHarry Outhwaite
Assistant Stage ManagersCecil Wildman
David Williams
LightingGordon Butler
SoundCyril Hines
DesignerJohn WIlliamson
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
PropertiesMaureen Ogley
Babs Jay
Janet Robinson
ContinuityPearl Nash
Susan Gregory