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Two And Two Make Sex


Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon

Directed by: Babs Frith

17th - 20th May 1988

George is getting into his fifties, his sexual virility nagging at him, one way or another. He is having an affair with twenty year old Jane. His wife, Clare, sensing that something of the kind is going on, fixes up a way of dealing with the situation. Jane has a boy friend, Nick. The quartet play out their charades in a double setting, the living room of George and Clare's home, and Jane's flatlet. The cross antics, seen separately and simultaneously, are very amusing.

GeorgeJoe Crossland
ClareFreda Hinson
NickGeoff Bird
JaneSamantha Beswick
RuthVal Middleton Egan
Mr BowersRon Townley
Stage ManagerJohn Rowlands
Set ConstructionJohn Rowlands
Cyril Hines
Mary Burns
Barbara Hayward
Scenic ArtistPat Hohne
LightingGordon Butler
SoundCyril Hines
Derek Frith
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Mavis Rowlands
Janice Carter
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Shelagh Hewitt
Make—UpEdna Garner
ContinuityJoyce Pomfret
Programme CoverDerek Frith
Production AssistantJoyce Sykes