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Touch And Go


Derek Benfield

Directed by: Peter Nawn

30 Jan, 1-6 Feb 2010

When Brian takes up jogging, his wife Hilary is not surprised. She has often told him he should exercise more after all the business lunches he consumes. But when Brian is ostensibly running round the park, he is, in fact, spending a couple of hours with his girl friend, Wendy, in his good friend George's flat. The arrangement works well for some time, for while Brian is visiting Wendy, helpful George knows that there is no danger of his own dalliance being discovered; for the object of his affection is Brian's wife, Hilary! It is all plain sailing until George's wife Jessica returns too soon from a business trip to America and puts the cat among the pigeons.

Wendy Charlotte Morgan
Brian Richard Ellis
Hilary Mary Ellis
George Paul Reid
Jessica Rani Jackson
Stage Manager Emma Toms
Staging Peter Andrews
Alan Mooney
Geoff Silvester
Steve Hall
Sue Mooney
Val Watkinson
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Lighting Nathaniel Hall
Sound Derek Frith
Costume Chris Hall
Joan Heinekey
Continuity Lois Evans
Properties Barbara Oldham
Bernadette Murray-Robb
The play was dedicated to the memory of Derek Jones and Babs Frith