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Tony Draws A Horse


Lesley Storm

25th - 28th September 1968
Director: Clifford B Brown
A psychiatrist mother and doctor father disagree on their son's upbringing after he draws a sexually explicit horse. The mother returns to her family and takes her sister's fiancÚ off to France on the eve of the wedding and, indirectly, causes her father to spend the night in the police station. Finally all is well.
Mrs Smith Judy Parrack
Tim Shields Norman Whitelam
Clare Fleming Stephanie Hamilton
Dr Howard Fleming Dick Shepherd
Grace Effie Runciman
Grandpa Ray Thomas
Elsie Parsons Maisie Pring
Mrs Parsons Margaret Stenson
Alfred Parsons Ron Proctor
Agnes Marjorie Cox
Pshenschynoff Cliff Brown
Waiter Robert Sutcliffe
A Customer Rodney Hoilt
Miss Burchill Mary Gregory
Stage Manager Cyril Hines
Assistant Stage Managers Harry Outhwaite
Stage Staff Cecil Wildman
David Griffiths
Paul Butler
Wardrobe Jean Hill
Properties Edith King
Barbara Jay
Marjorie Cox
Continuity Lucy Butler
Lighting Gordon Butler
John Williamson
Sound Jeffrey Horrocks
House Managers Harry Thorncroft
John Mills
Ticket Secretary Anne Hines
Refreshments Ladies of the Society