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The Tinder Box


Hans Andersons, adapted by Nicholas Stuart Gray

Directed by: Jean Cox

4th, 6th - 11th December 1982

Hans Anderson's story 'The Tinder Box' is charmingly retold by Nicholas Stuart Gray. A magic tinder box falls into tthe hands of a poor, wounded soldier, Peter, but a wicked Witch wants it and uses all her magic to get it back....

Peter, a soldierRobin Smith
The WitchJoyce Pomfret
ShemozzleWenda Barlow
KuffuffleEdwina Holden
The White DogAndrew Pomfret
The Black and White DogClive Jones
The Black DogJame Falconer
A Weird FaceDennis Carroll
Kurtz, the innkeeperRon Townley
The Princess GisellaHelen Darnley
Duke EldredJohn Rowlands
Lord BartramDon Willoiams
Countess HelgaSue Devlin
The KingTom Hind
The QueenHilda Carroll
Voice of The Spiinign WheelTerry Hind
A ServantClare Russell
First SoldierPeter Collinge
Second SoldierGeoff Reyner
Third SoldierSteven Treyner
Ladies of The CourtTracey Hinson
Christine Hall
Jayne Walker
Stage ManagerDavid Burt
Asistant Stage ManagerJonathan Stott
Set ConstructionDavid Burt
Janathan Stott
Stan Brown
Barabara Broadhurst
Geoff Reyner
Set DesignPat Hohne
Nancy Jones
LightingChris Elgin
Ian Wright
SoundDerrick Jones
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Shelagh Hewitt
Christine Hall
Mel McAndrey
Doreen Jones
Sarah Mawhinney
Joyce Stott
Brenda Jones
PropertiesKathy Russell
Barbara Hayward
Freda Hinson
MasksEdna Garner
Make-upEdna Garner
Programme DesignDerek Frith
ContinuityArthur Dyer
Production AssistantPat Thomas