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Time And The Conways



Directed by: Mary Burns

27th March, 30th March - 3rd April 1993

The Conways are having a party to celebrate Kay's twenty first birthday. Kay hopes to be a novelist. Hazel, the beauty, anticipates a romantic marriage. Madge wants to reform the world and marry the dashing young family lawyer. Carol, the baby of the family, spreads good cheer while Robin, back from war, is certain to have a good career. Alan is content to be an armchair philosopher. The nitwit mother has high hopes for them all. At the party Kay, with frightening clarity, sees her family twenty years in the future. They are petty, mean, and unfulfilled. Only Kay and her calm brother realize time is relative and there is something fine and worthwhile beyond.

Mrs Conway Doris Makin
Alan Ric Norton
Madge Julie Ward
Robin Geoff Reyner
Hazel Sarah Price
Kay Gill Gunn
Carol Nicola Haughton
Joan Jennifer Hilton
Ernest Beavers Simon Taylor
Gerald Thornton Robin Smith
Party Guests played by members of the Theatre Club
Stage Manager Les Hinson
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Anne Hines
Hilary Whitelam
Joan Heineckey
Properties Beryl Churchhouse
Patricia Hohne
Joyce Sykes
Janet Choudhury
Lighting Gordon Butler
Richard Webb
Sound Cyril Hines
Hairdressing Sue Mooney
Scenic Artists Patricia Hohne
Les Hinson
Set Construction Cyril Hines
Norman Whitelam
Richard Webb
John Rowlands
Babs Frith
Derek Frith
Derek Hohne
Gordon Butler
Annemarie Thorp
Les Hinson
Continuity Diane Jenkins
Photography Mike Savage
Ian Smith
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Pianist Reg Sykes
Soloist Sally Jolley