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Thrill Of Love


Amanda Whittington

18th - 22nd September 2018, 2018
Director: John Chidgey
Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hanged in Britain in 1955 after being convicted of shooting her lover, David Blakely, in cold blood. The Thrill of Love dramatises this infamous true story and takes a closer look at the women behind the headlines.
Ruth EllisScarlett Dean
Jack GaleNic Stacey-Hipkin
Sylvia ShawMary Ellis
Vickie MartinJill Barney
Doris JuddFrancesca Dykes
Stage ManagersCharlie Cook
Jackie Evans
PromptLiz Cook
Jennie Davey
Set DesignNathaniel hall
Set ConstructionStephen Hall
Ewan Henderson
Set DecoratingNathaniel Hall
Chris Hall
John Brown
Ewan Henderson
LightingChris Toms
Luke Moulsher
SoundCharlie Cook
Ollie Carroll
Martin Davey
PropsCharlie Cook
Chris Hall
WardrobeChris Hall
Makeup adviceGaelle Rogues
PhotographyMartin Davey
Voice of the JudgeCharlie Cook
Voice of the QCPaul Lewis