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They Came To A City



Directed by: Cliff Brown

17th - 21st February 1966

Just before dawn the play's characters - who represent every stratum of society - come to the wall overlooking a strange city whose gate is shut against them. At daybreak they are admitted and towards the end of the day some have found it to be the ideal earth has never achieved. So that everyone may know of this attainable perfection two of them make the sacrifice of leaving the city to return to their sinful world.

Lady Loxfield Mary Gregory
Philippa (her duaghter) Freda Hinson
Cudworth Ray Thomas
Mrs Batley Joyce Pomfret
Sir George Gedney Len Yates
Mrs Stritton Marjorey Mayhew
Malcolm Stritton (her husband) Norman Whitelam
Alice Foster Edna Foster
Joe Donmore Joe Crossland
Stage Manager David Griffiths
Wardrobe Joan Rawsthorne
Lighting Gordon Butler
Ed Cheadle
Sound Anne Hines
Stage Staff Cecil Wildman
Peter Foster
Cyril Hines
Adam Hare
House Managers Peter Womby
Ron Proctor
Workshop Manager John Willamson