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Therese Raquin


Emile Zola, adapted by Leslie Sands

Directed by John Garner

3rd - 7th February 1987

Therese Raquin tells the story of a young woman, unhappily married to her first cousin by an overbearing aunt who may seem to be well-intentioned but in many ways is deeply selfish. Thérèse's husband, Camille, is sickly and egocentric, and when the opportunity arises, Thérèse enters into a turbulent and sordidly passionate affair with one of Camille's friends, Laurent.

ThereseSue Mooney
LaurentPaul Mizen
Madame RaquinBabs Frith
CamilleNorman Whitelam
Dr. GrivetRon Townley
MichaudTom Hind
Assistant DirectorNorman Whitelam
Stage ManagerMary Gregory
Set ConstructionTony Williams
Samantha Beswick
Joanne Bublik
Mary Burns
Barbara Hayward
Cyril Hines
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Janice Carter
Christine Hall
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Barbara Hopkinson
Barbara Serres
ContinuityJanice Carter
Technical DirectorCyril Hines
LightingAndrew Pomfret
SoundNicky Sterry
DecorMary Burns
Programme DesignDerek Frith
Production AssistantBarbara Serres