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There Goes The Bride


Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Directed by: Barbara Ritchie

8th, 10th -15th Jan 2005

It's the morning of Judy's wedding and her harried ad agency executive father, played by Andrew Down, gets banged on the head and starts to imagine that a promotional prop has come to life. The whole family gets caught up in the confusion as Tim Westerby carries on with his new girl friend...

Ursula Westerby Chris Hall
Judy Westerby Rhiannon Lewis
Dr Gerald Drimmond John Still
Daphne Drimmond Margaret Williams
Timothy Westerby Peter Nawn
Bill Shorter Charlie Cook
Polly Perkins Natalie Turner
Charles Babcock Mike Janes
Stage Manager Mary Ellis
Continuity Elizabeth Vernon
Set Design Cyril Hines
Set Construction Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Geoff Sylvester
Gill Matthews
Rowland Matthews
Trevor Tyler
Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Lighting Val Donlan
Sound Cyril Hines
Properties Hilda Knight
Joyce Sykes
Wardrobe Joan Heinekey
Production Assistant Dodie Jones
Program Design Derek Frith