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Suddenly At Home


Francis Durbridge

Directed by: Betty Heap

22nd - 25th November 1978

A man schemes to murder his wealthy wife for the love of another woman the sister, an actress friend or the au pair? Victim and victimized become intertwined in this startling drama.

Maggie HowardJudy Parrack
Helen TenbyFreda Hinson
Ruth BechlerSue Devlin
Sam BlaineLaurie Kirwin
Sheila WallisKathy Russell
Glen HowardMichael Russell
AppletonRay Thomas
RemickNorman Whitelam
Stage ManagerNancy Womby
Set ConstructionStan Brown And Workshop Team
Set PaintingPat Hohne
LightingChris Bottomley
SoundMark Lennard
PropertiesMavis Rowlands
Gordon Hayward
CostumeJoyce Pomfret
ContinuityLiz Crossland
Refreshments By Ladies Of The Society