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The Stolen Prince


Dan Totheroh

Directed by: Peggy Butler

June? 1973

The story of a baby boy and girl of royalty who are stolen from their families and how they are raised by simple peasants, eventually finding their way back to their birth parents.

Junior Members (Under Fourteens)
ChorusDerek Nash
Property ManHoward Rowlands
Long FoJohn Womby
Wing LeeMargaret Whitelam
Royal NurseFiona Hall
Hi TeeChristopher Womby
Li MoElizabeth Whitelam
Joy, The PrinceCarl Baker
1st SoldierPhilip Kirwin
2nd SoldierJulie Abbott
ExecutionerDebbie Burns
Gong MasterSandra Baker
OrchestraDebbie Tivey
Debbie King
Tracy Hinson
Youth Group Members (Under Sixteens)
Stage ManagerMichael Pomfret
Sound and LightingPeter Butler
Simon Fowler
ContinuityHeather Butler
Make-up and HairstylesJill Nash
Janet Rowlands
Lynne Wetherby
Helen Sykes
Amanda Newnes
Technical SupervisionGordon Butler
Refreshments, House Management, etcPearl Nash and Social Committee