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St. Patrick's Day, or The Scheming Lieutenant


R B Sheridan

Directed by: John Cole

September 29th 1962

The action of the play takes place on St Patrick's day. The farcical Irish hero Lieutenant O'Connor is in love with Lauretta, daughter of Justice Credulous. The lieutenant and his men are billeted on the town where the Justice's family lives, and although the lovers are thus continually in close proximity, Lauretta's jealous father prevents them from often meeting...

Corporal Flint Allan Clarke
Sergeant Trounce Peter Womby
Lieutenant O'Connor Joe Crossland
Dr Rosy Eric Foley
Justice Credulous Jack Cornwall
Mrs Credulous Mary Scott
Laurett Marion Cole
Soldiers, Villagers and Maids
Freda Hinson, Peggy Law, Judy Parrack, Shirley Quick, Sandra Ruffell, Stella Winterbottom, Neil Bradford, Peter Bloor, John Mills, Pat Nash