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Spring And Port Wine


Bill Naughton

Directed by: Alan Grint

29th Sep - 2nd Oct 1971

Rafe Crompton rules his wife, Daisy, and their four children with a rod of iron. Yet the tide is turning: Florence has found love with a local sheet metal worker; Hilda wants to stay out late like the other girls; while Wilf and Harold have their hearts set on a place of their own away from Rafeís strict regime. Itís Hilda who finally tires of their overbearing father when she refuses to eat the herring served to her at dinner. How could such a small rebellion cause events to snowball so far out of control?

Daisy Crompton Joyce Pomfret
Florence Crompton May Seal
Betsy Jane Marjorie Mayhew
Wilfred Crompton Colin Yates
Harold Crompton Barrie Billingie
Hilda Crompton Susan Gregory
Rafe Crompton Ray Thomas
Arthur Tony Browne
Stage Manager Harold Outhwaite
Assistant Stage Managers Cecil Wildman
Malcolm Hill
John Williamson
David Williams
Properties Maureen Ogley
Barbara Jay
Continuity Peter Womby
Lighting Gordon Butler
Sound Cyril Hines