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Smelling A Rat


Mike Leigh

Directed by Ryan Ellershaw

28th - 31st Jan, 1st, 2nd Feb, 2013

Rex returns home from vacation without his wife.
But before Rex can relax he hears someone coming, so he grabs a gun from the nightstand drawer and hides in one of the closets...

Rex Charlie Cook
Vic Phil Seymour
Charmaine Chris Hall
Melanie-Jane Emma Toms
Rocky Ian Wilson
Stage Manager Jennie Davey
Wardrobe Christine Hall
Properties Ann Davey
Christine Hall
Nathaniel Hall
Continuity Liz Cook
Lighting Chris Toms
Sound Martin Davey
Derek Frith
Nathaniel Hall
Staging Alex Hall
Steve Hall
Nathaniel Hall
Alan Mooney
Geoff Silvester