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A Showcase of Drama

Directed by: Chris Hall, Nathaniel Hall

26th - 27th June 2015
The Academy present...
A Suitably Happy Ending
by Alison Chaplin
The police investigate the numerous murders at the court of Denmark. Horatio is their prime witness and he takes them and us through the events that happened to cause such tragedy. This is a simple adaptation of a complex play!
HoratioFrances Johnson
Chief Inspector PlodKitty Hinde
Sergeant StripesMaisie Hinde
Marcellus/OsrickHannah Holbrook
Barnardo/PriestCaitlin Whelan-Frost
HamletMarius Cotteverte-Roques
OpheliaAlana Wilson
PoioniusFinn Williams
King ClaudiusHeidi Dean
Queen GertrudeJasmine Howson
Actor 1/Clown 1Adele Cotteverte-Roques
Actor 2/Clown 2Mia Puller
Actor 3/FortinbrasHannah Wright
GravediggerTyler Charlesworth
King Hamlet's Ghost/Actor 4Charlotte Knights
RosencrantzHeidi Davis
GuildensternAnna-Rose Sewart
LaertesAnnie-Rose O'Donoghue
The Next Generation present...
The Fifteen Minute Hamlet
by Tom Stoppard
A rather different romp through Hamlet using the original language of Shakespeare. The Next Generation have worked hard to produce a piece worthy of the Wilmslow Festival, although we were not successful, it is to their credit that they produced a flawless play in the competition. Hopefully they won't disappoint tonight!
Shakespeare/BernardoRachel Tibbitts
MarcellusAbby Hewitt
Francisco/FortinbrasLois Moore
HoratioBen Metcalfe
HamletJoel Golding
ClaudiusMichael Evans
GertrudeScarlett Dean
OpheliaSanaa Khan
Polonius/Court MusicianSean Lavelle
GhostAlisha Read-Walker
Gravedigger/PriestAnya Wade-Williams
Osric/Court MusicianIsabelle Fisher
LaertesEmily Fairlie
The Young Actors Company present...
The Match Girl
adapted by Nathaniel Hall
An emotional rollercoaster as we follow the Match Girl and her doomed life. This is a poignant adaptation of a classic story, brought up to date with characters we are all familiar with and wonderfully acted by the whole ensemble. A real credit to the theatre, this piece won best youth production in the Wilmslow Guild Festival.
The Match GirlAmelia Williams
The (Best) FriendJenny Wright
The Mother (Who Didn't Know How to Mother)Anna Puliar
The Neighbour (Who Always Watched But Did Nothing)Sophie Monk
The Homeless Girl (Who Offered An Escape)Ellie Brooks
The Sympathetic Shop Worker (Who Couldn't Change the World in Five Minutes)Rebekah Higginbotham
The Social Worker (Whose Hands Were Tied)Beatrice Johnson