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Shadow In The Sun


Maurice McLoughlin

Directed by: Teddie Peel

10th - 12th Dec 1964

When his daughter is threatened with expulsion from school in South Africa, a man resorts to blackmailing the headmistress.
Sheila Van Ryth Mary Gregory
Rhoda Prince Judy Parrack
Maxine De Groot Shirley Quick
Pamael Hall Edna Foster
Huysman Eric Peel
Ruth Perry Joan Pearson
Dorthy Calvert Eunice Kibble
Anne Baker Kay Chatterton
Caroline Haley Pearl Nash
Pieter Vandenberg Norman Whitelam
Mr De Groot Joe Crossland
Barbara Freda Hinson
Mrs Richards Edna Garner
Stage Manager David Griffiths
ASMa Cyril Hines
Eric Quarmby
Ken Hughes
Workshop Manager John Williamson
Stage Assistants Cyril Hines
Ken Hughes
Eric Summerside
Eric Quarmby
Sound Ray Thomas
Lighting Gordon Butler
Malcom Fereday
Properties & Wardrobe Margaret Warburton
Liz Crossland
Peggy Butler
Publicity Ronald Stenson
House Manager Ronald Stenson
Ed Cheadle
Refreshments Ladies of the Society