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David Turner

Directed by: Geoff Reyner

14th, 17th-21st May 1994

Set in the Midlands, Fred Midway is working his way up the social ladder. His desire to be accepted in circles to which he and his family do not really belong occupies much of his energy. At first Fred's carefully laid plans to boost his standing in the local community backfire, before coming right in the end.

Hilday Midway Babs Frith
Fred Midway John Still
Tom Midway Julian Wood
Eileen Midway Jane de Vince
Robert Freeman Simon Taylor
Avril Hadfield Elaine Barnett
Nigel Hadfield Robin Smith
Garnet Hadfield Alma Marples
Arnold Makepiece Bill Greaves
Stage Manager Barbara Ritchie
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Properties Marjorie Cox
Barabara Ritchie
Continuity Barbara Hopkinson
Lighting Gordon Butler
Sound Derek Frith
Norman Whitelam
Scenic Artist Sandra Gill
Patricia Hohne
Production Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Sandra Gill
Set Construction Norman Whitelam
John Rowlands
Derek Hohne
Gordon Butler