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David Turner

Directed by: Betty Heap

Sep? 1972

Set in the Midlands, Fred Midway is working his way up the social ladder. His desire to be accepted in circles to which he and his family do not really belong occupies much of his energy. At first Fred's carefully laid plans to boost his standing in the local community backfire, before coming right in the end.

Hilday Midway Meg Stenson
Fred Midway Ray Thomas
Tom Midway Barrie Billinge
Eileen Midway Pat Thomas
Robert Freeman Ron Proctor
Avril Hadfield May Seal
Nigel Hadfield Laurie Kirwin
Garnet Hadfield Mary Gregory
Arnold Makepiece John Mills
Stage Manager Lucy Butler
Assistant Stage Managers Cyril Hines
Harry Outhwaite
Cecil Wildman
John Williamson
Properties Maureen Ogley
Beryl Jolley
Continuity Nancy Womby
Lighting Peggy Butler
Sound Tony Browne