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Say Who You Are


William Fairchild

Directed by: Len Simpson

8th - 12th May 1979

The play takes place in the top floor. Living room of David and Sarah Lord's flat in Kensington, outside "The Hussar" - the pub around the corner - and places in between.

David LordDavid Burt
Sarah LordSarah Mawhinney
Valerie PitmanKathy Russell
Stuart WheelerPeter Womby
Stage ManagerJohn Rowlands
Joe Crossland
Asst. Stage ManagerJonathan Stott
Set ConstructionStan Brown and the Workshop Team
Scenic ArtistJohn Rowlands
LightingCyril Hines
Brian Sykes
SoundCyril Hines
PropertiesGordon Hayward
Mavis Rowlands
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Make UpEdna Garner
ContinuityMary Gregory
Production Asst.Joyce Sykes