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Norman Robbins

Directed by: Kathy Robbins

3rd, 5th - 10th December 1983

In this adaptation of the Grimms' story, children are discovered playing "Ladder words', changing one world to another, a letter at a time, retaining an actual word during each change. Grettle says she can change "flax' into "gold'. Unfortunately, the King, whose gold has been mysteriously disappearing, hears this and mistakes it for an actual boast. He orders Grettle to work the change, or she will lose her head, despite the Prince's protests who's in love with her. She's shut in the Tower to perform her task, and Rumpelstiltzkin, the gnome, offers to help her-- at a price. The play then follows the gnome's defeat by the guessing of his secret name and, despite other complications from the wicked Baron and his henchmen, all ends happily.

King MarmadukeTom Hind
Prince RolandSteven Lever
AlanGeoff Reyner
RosamundLyn Sanderson
Mother HubbardRon Townley
GrettleClaire Russell
Sammy SlowcoachNorman Whitelam
Baron BludshotPaul Mizen
SmashRobin Smith
GrabbChristine Hall
RumpelstiltzkinWenda Barlow
Major DomoRon Thompson
Guards, Chorus and Dancers
Beryl Churchouse, Doris Cocking, Helen Darnley, Jane Faulkner, Julie Faulkner, Debbie Pilkington, Sarah Wallace, Paula Young, Derek Frith, Neil Hayward, Clive Jones, Stephen O'Malley, Mike Russell, Don Williams
Stage ManagerMike Russell
Set ConstructionStan Brown
Alan Churchouse
Keith Mitchell
Mike Russell
PianistArthur Dyer
DrumsRichard Corbishley
LightingMary Gregory
SoundPat Thomas
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Beryl Churchouse
WardrobeChristine Hall
Joyce Pomfret
Helen Darnley
Mel McAndry
Shelagh Hewitt
Scenic ArtistsPat Hohne
Chris Thomas
Programme DesignDerek Frith
ContinuityBarbara Broadhurst
Production AssistantPat Thomas