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Royal Revels


John Mills

Directed by: Joyce James

12th - 14th May 1966

Musical Play

Countess Wynn Jones
Major Domo Norman Whitelam
Prince Alexis Ron Proctor
King Adam Hare
Queen Stella WInterbottom
Princess Villia Joan Rawsthorn
Count Rudy Frank Doheny
Solo Dancer Joyce James
Palace Staff Meg Stenson
Tony Browne
Robin McMillan
John Mills
Cockney Soloists Lynne Grammill
Joyce Pomfret
Joe Crossland
Villagers Babs Jay
Vicky Bowen
Lucy Butler
Graham Hall
Dancers and Chorus
Alma Gregory, Susan Gregory, Linda James, Pete James, Chris Jay, Stephen Jay, Hillary Pomfret, Vicky Bowen, Lucy Butler, Margaret Gadd, Jill McMillan, Joyce Pomfret, Meg Stenson, Margaret Browne,Bobby Eastwood, Mary Gregory, Anne Leigh, Pat Thomas, Peggy Wright
Musical Director Arthur Dyer
Stage Manager David Griffiths
Assistant Stage Manager Cecil Wildman
Stage Assistants Reg Sykes
Frank Burr
Lighting Gordon Butler
Ed Cheadle
Workshop Manager John Willamson
Scenic Artist Pamela Robinson
Properties Mary Costello
Percussion John Hibbert
House Managers Cliff Brown
John WInterbottom
Production Assistant Edna Graner
Ticket Secretary Anne Hines
Refreshments by Ladies of the Society
The costumes for this production were designed by John Rawsthorn and made by members of the cast