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The Rose Without A Thorn



Directed by: Edna Garner

13th - 19th May 1972

The life-story of Katheryn Howard, the fifth of Henry VIIIís six wives. The action of the play begins in 1540.

Henry The Eighth Peter Womby
The Earl of Hertford Norman Whitelam
Thomas Cranmer
Archbishop of Canterbury
Joe Crossland
Sir Thomas Audley
Lord Chancellor
Eric L Peel
Thomas Culpepper
A friend of the King
Colin Walker
Francis Derham
A Courtier
Ray Thomas
John Lassells
A butler
Len Yates
Kathryn Howard Freda Hinson
Katherine Tilney
Lady In Waiting to Kathryn
Meg Stenson
Margery Morton
Lady In Waiting to Kathryn
Mary Gregory
Anne of Cleves Pat Thomas
Mary Lassells
Lady In Waiting to Anne
Babs Jay
Paris, Juno, Minerva and Venus in a Masque (Act II)
Paul Mitchell, Janet Hines, Hilary Pomfret, Abna Gregory
Three Players in an Interlude
Adam Hare, Gordon Butler, Barrie Billinge
Cyril Hines, Stan Mannion
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court
Joyce Pomfret, Doreen Hankinson, Laurie Kirwin
Stage Manager Cyril Butler
Deputy Stage Manager Lucy Butler
ASMs Cyril Wildman
Harry Outhwaite
John Williamson
Properties Maureen Ogley
Mavis Rowlands
Continuity Maise Pring
Lighting Gordon Butler
Choreography Edna Garner
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Beryl Jolley
Hilda Outhwaite
Edith Foster
Scenic Artists Pat Hohne
Norma Moores
Virginal music recorded by Grace Allen