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Rookery Nook


Ben Travers

Directed by: Doris Cocking

3rd - 7th February 1981

Gerald rents Rookery Nook where his wife, Clara, will join him later. He is agreeably surprised by a pretty stranger called Rhoda who comes running to him for protection against her irascible German stepfather. Gerald allows her to stay in one of the bedrooms but as she is clad only in pyjamas, it is vital to conceal her presence from nosy neighbours. Rhoda gets herself some clothes just in time before Clara arrives but Gerald has some difficulty in convincing Clara of his innocence.

Gertrude TwineFreda Hinson
Mrs LeverettEffie Runciman
Harold TwineDon Williams
Clive PopkissBill Platt
Gerald PopkissNorman Whitelam
Rhoda MarleyDiane Landman
PutzLaurie Kirwin
Admiral JuddyRon Thompson
Poppy DickeyNorma Moores
Clara PopkissJean Simpson
Mrs PossettHilda Carroll
Stage ManagerDavid Burt
Set ConstructionStan Brown
Mike Corware
Cyril Hines
David Burt
Mark Glover
Neil Hayward
Andy Colebourne
LightingRod Holt
SoundCyril Hines
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Claire Stevenson
Sarah Mahwhinney
PropertiesMarjorie Cox
Lucy Butler
Barbara Hayward
HairstylesSue Mooney
Claire Stevenson
ContinuityMary Gregory
Programme DesignDerek Frith