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Robin Hood: A Legend In Tights


Charlie Cook

Directed by: Nic Stacey and Ciara Tansey

10-12 Dec 2009

Can Robin Hood rescue Maid Marian and help the villagers defeat the evil Sheriff? Of course he can!

Bess Sam Hamilton
Maid Marion Abigail Hall
Robin Hood Sammy Porter
Lord Fitzwalter Luke Moulsher
The Sheriff of Nottingham Rebecca White
Sir Guy Gisbourne Hannah Prinn
Cedric Michael Cooke
The Nymph Molly O'Donaghue
Little John Rick Wiltshire
Friar Tuck Laura Kent
Prisoner and CXhorus Sophie Walker
Wilma Scarlett Natasha Darnley
Mayoress Zoe Lawrence
King Richard and Chrous James Robinson
Bird and Chorus Ghia Ghaly
Knibbles the Mouse Ruby Harrison
1st Guard and Chorus Joe McEwan
2nd Guard and Chorus Jack Cragg
Barmaid and Chorus Daisy Cragg
Villager and Chorus Danielle Stringer
Anna Pullar
Ellie Brooks
Maddie Kent
Amelia Willams
Beatrice Johnson
Alan O'Dale and Chorus William Frederick
Nasty Nick and Chorus Matthew Walsh
Assistant Director Christine Hall
Stage Managers Nic Stacey
Ciara Stacey
Costumes Lorna Walsh
Pauline Robinson
Chris Hall
Properties Alex Hall
Lighting and Sound Nathaniel Hall
Choreography Nathaniel Hall
Staging Alan Mooney
Nic Stacey
Nathaniel Hall
Steve Hall