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The Rivals


Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by: Grant Fairlie

27th - 31st January, 2015

Lydia Languish yearns for a romantic elopement rather than a more conventional marriage. Thus the wealthy Jack Absolute has wooed her in the guise of impecunious Ensign Beverley. Mrs Malaprop, Lydia's aunt and guardian, disapproves of the attachment, and has forbidden her niece to see this penniless suitor... A Sheridan masterpiece.

Mrs Malaprop Chris Hall
Captain Jack Absolute Luke Moulsher
Faulkland Josh Neary
Lydia Languish Sophie Walker
Julia Anna Pullar
Sir Anthony Absolute David Garner
Bob Acres Charlie Cook
Sir Lucius O'Trigger Rob Goodwin-Davey
Fag Sean Lavelle
Divinia Amelia Mangani
Lucy Gaelle Roques
Thomas Beatrice Thompson
Servant Jenny Wright
Soundtrack and Interval Musician Gary Wade
Stage Manager Jennie Davey
Prompt Liz Cook
Staging Nathaniel Hall
Steve Hall
Grant Fairlie
and members of the cast
Lighting Chris Toms
Sound Martin Davey
Wardrobe Chris Hall
Jackie Evans
Properties Jackie Evans
Chaperones Chris Hall
Jackie Evans
Additional thanks to Holly Fairlie, Emily Fairlie and Hannah Mulroney
Historical Note: Due to a snowstorm, for the Thursday performance, the actor playing Faulkland was snowed in, and the part was performed by the director.