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Ring Round The Moon


Jean Anouilh

Directed by: Mary Crowther

20, 23-27 Nov 1993

The setting is the winter garden of a French country house where a ball is to be staged; and, a female innocent is thrust into a society of wealthy worldlings.

In this case she is Isabelle, an impoverished dancer, who arrives at the invitation of the cynical Hugo, to attract the attention of his twin brother, Frederic, and save him from a potentially disastrous marriage.

What follows is as complex as any Restoration comedy but one that builds leads to a harmonious conclusion symbolised by glittering fireworks.

Joshua, a crumbling butler Norman Whitelam
Hugo, a young man about town
Frederic, his brother, in love with...
Geoff Bird
Diana Messerschmann, engaged to Frederick,
secretly in love with Hugo
Jo Booth
Lady India, Messerschmann mistress,
secretly in love with...
Glenda Robinson
Patrice Bombelles,
Messerschmann's secretive secretary
John Still
Madame Desmermortes,
Aunt to Hugo, Frederick, and Lady India
Babs Frith
Capulet, her faded companion Sue Devlin
Messerschmann, Diana's father,
a melancholy millionaire
Bryan Lingwood
Romainville, a lepidopterist, patron of... Derrick Jones
Isabelle, a ballet dancer Elaine Barnett
Her mother, a teacher of the pianoforte Doris Makin
A General John Rowlands
Footman Bill Greaves
Guest at the Ball Joyce Pomfret
Stage Manager Bill Greaves
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Edna Garner
Joan Heinekey
Hilary Whitelam
Properties Barbara Hopkinson
Mavis Rowlands
Continuity Margaret Willams
Lighting Cyril Hines
Nicholas Fields
Sound Cyril Hines
Scenic Artist Patricia Hohne
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Sue Mooney
Set Construction Cyril Hines
Derek Hohne
John Rowlands
Wigs Sue Mooney
Make Up Advisor Edna Garner
Our grateful thanks to
Wilmslow Garden Centre
for the loan of plants and shrubs