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Quest For A Golden Key


Geoffrey Thornber

Directed by: Gordon Butler

December ? 1973

A Magical Adventure in Two Acts

The Villains
Sybil, The Awful WitchJanet Pecker
Little Monster, An Ambitious VillainPeter Mitchell
Sad Sack, A Villain's HelperBarry S Billing
Blot A-BlotPhilip Kirwin
Howard Rowlands
The Heroes
TeaboyMay Seal
ProfessorTony Browne
Pippa, A Ballerina DollJill Nash
Tommy, A Toy SoldierPaul Mitchell
Precious Twinkle, The Royal CatPat Thomas
Peregrine, An Apprentice KnightDavid Gregson
The Court
QueenMary Gregory
Marigold, The PrincessFrancesca Mitchell
Fibula, A Lady-In-WaitingJoyce Pomfret
Tatterwort The Royal MagicianDavid Pecker
A VisitorLucy Arnold
Deborah Tivey
Stage ManagersLaurie Kirwin
John Rowlands
Set ConstructionHarry Outhwaite
Ron Proctor
John Rowlands
Cecil Wildman
Scenic ArtistDavid Gregson
LightingPeggy Butler
Simon Fowler
Peter Butler
SoundNorman Whitelam
PropertiesPearl Nash
Lucy Butler
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Peggy Butler
Rene Miller
Beryl Jolley
ContinuityBeryl Jolley
Mavis Rowlands