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Puss In Boots


John Crocker
Music and Lyrics by Eric Gilder

Directed by: Ron Townley

7th - 14th December 1985

When the Old Miller died, his eldest son, Philip, travelled the world fora year and a day, seeking adventure. Although he doesn't know it, Philip is really the Marquees of Carabas and our story tonight is how he gains his rightful inheritance. To help him do this, Sprite Youngood, a fairy with L-plates on, give Philip's cat the power to speak.

Anthony RowleyGeoff Reyner
Princess EsmereldaLaura Harvey
JimothyNorman Whitelam
Mistress MaryFreda Hinson
PhaddleRobin Smith
PhiddleSamantha Beswick
PhilipCaroline Hulme
NeddyDavid Kehoe
Geoff Reyner
Miss PussHelen Darnley
Queen MarmaduchessDoris Cocking
King MarmadukeRon Thompson
Sprite YoungoodBernice Woodhouse
Demon OldbadRon Townley
PussIngrid Folkard
Lord SnoozleAndrew Maliphant
Ogre GreedygutsFred Ford
ChorusAlison Hall
Christine Hall
Christian Minshull
Nicholas Minshull
Stage ManagerBarbara Hopkinson
Set DesignMary Burns
Ron Townley
Scenic ArtistPat Hohne
Stage CrewJanice Carter
Alan Churchouse
Joe Crossland, Mike Elliott
Colin Mansell
Colin Pomfret
John Rowlands
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
Alison Hall
Christine Hall
Anne Hines
Lizzie Reyner
Joyce Stott
Geoffrey Frost
Richard Evans
SoundAndrew Pomfret
Marjorie Cox
Beryl Churchouse
Barbara Heywood
Barbara Singh
ContinuityHilda Knight
Make-UpEdna Garner
Doreen Jones
Joyce Sykes
ChoreographyHelen Darnley
Programme CoverDerek Frith
Music DirectorArthur Dyer