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Pub Quiz Is Life


Richard Bean

12th - 16th June, 2018
Director: Nic Stacey-Hipkin
A murderous black comedy set in Hull's bleak economy, with too many questions and all the wrong answers. Newly discharged soldier Lee decides to set up a pub quiz team to beat the teachers' team and reassert himself. He recruits his self-medicating MS suffering ex-docker father; Melissa, an intelligent career driven hottie and good old Woody, the local soon-to-be retired, leather- wearing drug dealer come stand- up comedian with a cake shop. The pub quiz is overlooked by pub landlady Mabel.
MabelChris Hall
BunnyDave Carney
LeeJonathan Cresswell
WoodyAdam Green
AngieLauara Pearson
MelissaEmma Cartledge
BazBrigid Hemingway
Stage ManagerJackie Evans
Jennie Davey
Stage DesignNic Stacey-Hipkin
Stage ConstructionNic Stacey-Hipkin
Steve Hall
Stage DecorNic Stacey-Hipkin
Chris Hall
LightingLuke Moulsher
Chris Toms
SoundMartin Davey
Ollie Carroll
VideosNic Stacey-Hipkin
Olliie Carroll
PropsNic Stacey-Hipkin
Chris Hall
Jackie Evans
WardrobeChris Hall
Stage Make upGaelle Rogues