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The Playboy Of The Western World


John M Synge

Directed by: Edna Garner

21st - 24th January, 1976

The most famous and infamous play by Ireland's best loved (and hated) playwright The Playboy of the Western World, offended audiences when first produced in 1907, on account of its 'immodest' references to Irish womanhood and aroused a prolonged and bitter controversy, which lasted until the author's death in 1909. In the play Christy Mahon stumbles into the Flaherty's tavern claiming to have killed his father. He is praised for his boldness, and he and the barmaid Pegeen fall in love to the dismay of her betrothed, Shawn. The Widow Quin tries to seduce him to no avail, but eventually his father, who was only wounded, tracks Christy to the tavern, and Christy attacks him again. Old Mahon falls, and the townsfold, afraid of being implicated, bind Christy, but he is freed when his father crawls inside. Christy leaves to wander the world with a newfound confidence, and Pegeen laments betraying and losing him.

Christopher MahonKevin Madley
Old Mahon, his fatherJoe Crossland
Michael James Flaherty, a publicanColin Walker
Margaret Flaherty (Pegeen Mike), his daughterMay Seal
Shawn Keogh, her cousin, a farmerNorman Whitelam
Widow QuinnPat Thomas
Prilly Cullen, small farmerLaurie Kirwin
Jimmy Farrel, small farmerRod Holt
Sara Tansey, village girlMargaret Brocklehurst
Susan Brady, village girlBeryl Jolley
Kelly, village girlEvelyn Covell
Honor Blake, village girlMaisie Pring
A BellmanTony Browne
PeasantsStan Brown
Cyril Hines
Stage ManagerCyril Hines
Set DesignEdna Garner
Set ConstructionHarry Outhwaite
Stan Brown
Cee Willams
David Gregson
DecorDavid Gregson
LightingRod Holt
Mary Gregory
SoundTony Browne
PropertiesDavid Green,
assisted by Babs Jay
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
assisted by May Brown
Brenda Jones
Make UpEdna Garner
ContinuityLiz Crossland
Production ManagerMargaret Brockehurst
DesignerDavid Gregson
Bagpipes kindly laned for this production by
Mr Michael Goodwin of Hazel Grove