SNR = Senior
YAC = Young Actors Company
NXT = Next Generation
ACD = Academy
XXX = Extracurriculuum performance
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Barefoot In The ParkNeil Simon7,20-23 Jun 2022SNR Cheryl Kelly
Bothered and BewilderedGail Young5-9 Apr 2022SNR Dave Carney
Til Death Us Don't PartRoscoe Chalk15-19 Feb 2022SNR TBA
CinderellaCharlie Cook30th Nov - 5th Dec 2021SNR Chris Hall

Historical note: From March 2020 to September 2021, the theatre was closed due the Coronavirus Epidemic.
The HauntingHugh Janes and Charles Dickens18-22 Feb 2020SNR Ryan Ellershaw
AladdinCharlie Cook3-8 Dec 2019SNR Chris Hall
Dead ErnestMike Harding1-5 Oct 2019SNR David Carney
Taking StepsAlan Ayckbourn11-15 Jun 2019SNR David Carney
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production Of 'Macbeth'Walter Zerlin, David McGillivray
(and William Shakespeare)
23-27 Apr 2019SNR Cheryl Kelly
Di and Viv and RoseAmelia Bullmore19-23 Feb 2019SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Robin Hood and The Babes In The WoodCharlie Cook4-9 Dec 2018SNR Chris Hall
The Thrill Of LoveAmanda Whittington18-22 Sep 2018SNR John Chidgey
Pub Quiz Is LifeRichard Bean12-16 Jun 2018SNR Nic Stacey-Hipkin
April In ParisJohn Godber24-28 Apr 2018SNR David Carney
The Odd Couple (female version)Neil Simon20-24 Feb 2018SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Jack And The BeanstalkCharlie Cook5-10 Dec 2017SNR Chris Hall
Good GriefKeith Waterhouse19-23 Sep 2017SNR Jennie Davey
Junior ShowcaseVarious12 July 2017NXT/ACD Chris Hall, Cheryl Kelly
The Beauty Queen Of LeenaneMartin McDonagh13-17 Jun 2017SNR Nic Stacey-Hipkin
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Murder MysteryDavid McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr25-29 Apr 2017SNR Cheryl Kelly
The Good Old DaysThe Company21-25 Feb 2017SNR Chris Hall, Luke Moushler, Jennie Davey
Snow WhiteCharlie Cook6-11 Dec 2016SNR Chris Hall
Double IdentityRoscoe Chalk20-24 Sep 2016SNR Jennie Davey
Junior ShowcaseVarious11 July 206NXT/ACD Chris Hall, Nathaniel Hall
Ladies Down UnderAmanda Whittington7-11 Jun 2016SNR Mary Ellis
Do We Ever See Grace? Noel Greig12-16 Apr 2016SNR Nathaniel Hall
Arms And The ManGeorge Bernard Shaw16-20 Feb 2016SNR Grant Fairlie
Dick WhittingtonCharlie Cook1-6 Dec 2015SNR Chris Hall
TwoJim Cartwright22-26 Sep 2015SNR Dave Carney, Jane ELlis
A Showcase of DramaAlison Chaplin, Tom Stoppard, Nathaniel Hall26-27 June 2015NXT/ACD/YAC Chris Hall,Nathaniel Hall
Private LivesNoel Coward12-16 May 2015SNR Cheryl Kelly
Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeOscar Wilde, adapted by Constance Cox17-21 Mar 2015SNR Dave Carney
The RivalsRichard Brinsley Sheridan27-31 Jan 2015SNR Grant Fairlie
Sleeping BeautyCharlie Cook2-7 Dec 2014SNR Tom Thistleton
Wind In The WillowsAdapted by Alan Bennett12-16 Sep 2014SNR Chris Hall, Nathaniel Hall
Junior Showcase 2014Alison Chaplin17-18 July 2014NXT/ACD Chris Hall
Steel MagnoliasRobert Harling20-24 May 2014SNR Tom Thistleton
100 Years of Musical TheatreCharlie Cook18-22 Mar 2014SNR Luke Moulsher, Nathaniel Hall
Caught In The NetRay Cooney28-31 Jan, 1 Feb 2014SNR David Carlile
CinderellaCharlie Cook3-8 Dec 2013SNR Tom Thistleton
Once A CatholicMary O'Malley10-14 Sep 2013SNR Nathaniel Hall, Ciara Tansey
Harry Rings, Lord Of The PottersAlison Chaplin and Greig BairdJun 2013YAC/NXT/ACD Chris Hall
Outside EdgeRichard Harris20-25 May 2013SNR Tom Thistleton
If I Were YouAlan Ayckbourn18-23 Mar 2013SNR Charlie Cook
Smelling A RatMike Leigh28-31 Jan, 1-2 Feb 2013SNR Ryan Ellershaw
AladdinCharlie Cook3-9 Dec 2012SNR Tom Thistleton
Calendar GirlsTim FirthOct 2012SNR Carla Stokes
MacbethWilliam Shakespeare12-14 July 2012NXT ???
Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney and John Chapman21-26 May 2012SNR Terry Hollinshead
In Praise Of Love (Incomplete)Terence Rattigan26-31 Mar 2012SNR Sylvia Crossley
TeechersJohn Godber30-31 Jan, 1-4 Feb 2012SNR Ryan Ellershaw
The AnniversaryBill Macilwraith21-26 Nov 2011SNR Tom Thistleton
Billy LiarKeith Waterhouse and Willis Hall19-24 Sep 2011SNR Nic Stacey
Ladies DayAmanda Whittington23, 25-28 May 2011SNR David Carlile
Perfect PitchJohn Godber28 Mar, 30 Mar - 2 Apr 2011SNR Tom Thistleton
Broken GlassArthur Miller31 Jan, 2-5 Feb 2011SNR Sylvia Crossley
The Flint Street NativityTim Firth22, 24-27 Nov 2010SNR Val Watkinson
Time Of My LifeAlan Ayckbourn20, 22-25 Oct 2010SNR Val Watkinson
Three Suicides, A Murder and a Near MissChris Hall21 Jul 2010ACD Chris Hall
Alice In WonderlandLewis Carroll, adapted by Chris Hall15-18 Jul 2010NXT Nic Stacey, Ciaray Tansey
The Unexpected GuestAgatha Christie15, 17-22 May 2010SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Be My BabyAmanda Whittington20, 22-27 Mar 2010SNR Sue Mooney
Touch and GoDerek Benfield30 Jan, 1-6 Feb 2010SNR Peter Nawn
Robin Hood: A Legend In TightsCharlie Cook10-12 Dec 2009NXT/ACD Chris Hall
HeroesGerald Sibleyras, translated by Tom Stoppard21, 23-28 Nov 2009SNR Tom Thistleton
Pride and PrejudiceJane Austin, adapted by Charlie Cook21,23-28 Sep 2009SNR Charlie Cook
Harry Rings, Lord Of The PottersAlison Chaplin and Greig BairdJul? 2009NXT/ACD Chris Hall
Diary Of Anne FrankFrances Goodrich and Albert Hackett10-11 Jul 2009ACD/NXT Nic Stacey and Ciara Tansey
See How They RunPhilip King16,18-23 May 2009SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Private LivesNoel Coward21,22-28 Mar 2009SNR Mary Scott
Someone Who'll Watch Over MeFrank McGuinness24,26-31 Jan 2009SNR Sue Mooney
Dick WhittingtonAdapted from an original script by Mike JanesDec 2008NXT/ACD Chris Hall
At the Sign of The Crippled HarlequinNorman Robbins22,24-29 Nov 2008SNR Tom Thistleton
September TideDaphne Du Maurier20,21-27 Sep 2008SNR Simon Pandar
Tons of MoneyWill Evans and Arthur Valentine17,19-24 May 2008SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Journey's EndR. C. Sherriff29 Mar, 31 Mar - 5 Apr 2008SNR Ryan Ellershaw
The Odd Couple (Female Version)Neil Simon26,28 Jan - 2 Feb 2008SNR Peter Nawn
Deck The Halls With Boughs Of HollyChris Hall20-22? Dec 2007ACD/NXT Chris Hall
On Golden PondErnest Thompson1,3-8 Dec 2007SNR Barbara Ritchie
Drowning On Dry LandAlan Ayckbourn6,8-13 Oct 2007SNR Tom Thistleton
Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsAlan Ayckbourn20 Jul 2007ACD Barbara Ritchie
Natural CausesEric Chappell12,14-19 May 2007SNR John Still
Cash on DeliveryMichael Cooney24,26-31 Mar 2007SNR Barbara Ritchie
The White CliffsBettine Manktelow27 Jan, 29 Jan-3 Feb 2007SNR Tom Thistleton
Lord Of The FliesWilliam GoldingDec? 2006NXT Alex and Nathaniel Hall, Nic Stacey
Babes In The WoodChris HallDec? 2006ACD Chris Hall
Perfect WeddingRobin Hawdon2,4-9 Dec 2006SNR Maureen Wynne
The Winslow BoyTerence Rattigan7,9-14 Oct 2006SNR Garth Jones
Blood BrothersWilly Russell13-14 Jul 2006ACD Barbara Ritchie
Pardon Me, Prime MinisterEdward Taylor and John Graham3,5-10 Jun 2006SNR Barbara Ritchie
KindertransportDiane Samuels15, 17-22 Apr 2006SNR Richard Ellis
Living TogetherAlan Ayckbourn25 Feb, 27 Feb - 4 Mar 2006SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Humble BoyCharlotte Jones7,9-14 Jan 2006SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Funny About LoveTerence Frisby12,14-19 Nov 2005SNR Daniel Lewis
Amorous AmbassadorMichael Parker17,19-24 Sep 2005SNR Barbara Ritchie
Our Day OutWilly Russell8-9 Jul 2005ACD Barbara Ritchie
I'll Be Back Before MidnightPeter Colley4,6-11 Jun 2005SNR Ryan Ellershaw
It Runs In The FamilyRay Cooney and John Chapman16,18-23 Apr 2005SNR Tom Thistleton
Hay FeverNoel Coward26 Feb, 28 Feb - 5 Mar 2005SNR Jean Cox
There Goes The BrideRay Cooney and John Chapman8,10-15 Jan 2005SNR Barbara Ritchie
And Then There Were NoneAgatha Christie6,8-13 Nov 2004SNR Geoff Bird
Noises OffMichael Frayn18, 20-25 Sep 2004SNR Mike Russell
HaywireEric Chappell5, 7-12 Jun 2004SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Rough JusticeTerence Frisby17,19-24 Apr 2004SNR Mike Russell
Hobson's ChoiceHarold Brighouse28 Feb, 1-6 Mar 2004SNR Mary Scott
Prisoner of Second AvenueNeil Simon10,12-17 Jan 2004SNR Geoff Bird
Junior ShowcaseUnknown3 Dec 2003ACD Unknown
The ExorcismDon Taylor8,10-15 Nov 2003SNR Barbara Ritchie
Caught in the NetRay Cooney20,22-27 Sep 2003SNR Sue Mooney
Out of OrderRay Cooney7,9-14 Jun 2003SNR Barbara Ritchie
A Bedfull of ForeignersDave Freeman19,20-26 Apr 2003SNR Mike Russell
Breaking the CodeHugh Whitemore1,2-8 Mar 2003SNR Sue Mooney
Mr WonderfulJames Robson11,13-18 Jan 2003SNR Jean Cox
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's
Guild Dramatic Society's Murder Mystery
David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr9,11-16 Nov 2002SNR Sue Mooney
The Day After The FairFrank Harvey, from the novel by Thomas Harvey21,23-28 Sep 2002SNR Ryan Ellershaw
Trivial PursuitsFrank Vickery8,9-15 Jun 2002SNR Sue Mooney
QuartetRonald Harwood20,22-27 Apr 2002SNR Mike Russell
Cider with RosieLaurie Lee2,4-9 Mar 2002SNR Babs Frith
Dangerous CornerJ. B. Priestley12,14-19 Jan 2002SNR Mary Scott
Veronica's RoomIra Levin10,12-17 Nov 2001SNR Tom Thistleton
Barefoot in the ParkNeil Simon22,24-29 Sep 2001SNR Barbara Ritchie
Breezeblock ParkWilly Russell16,18-23 Jun 2001SNR Tom Thistleton
Talking HeadsAlan Bennett12,14-19 May 2001SNR Sue Mooney
Absurd Person SingularAlan Ayckbourn14,16-21 Apr 2001SNR Barbara Ritchie
Caramba's RevengeWilliam Norfolk10,12-17 Mar 2001SNR Charlie Cook
TributeBernard Slade27 Jan, 29 Jan - 3 Feb 2001SNR Richard Ellis
Move Over Mrs MarkhamRay Cooney and John Chapman2,4-9 Dec 2000SNR Mike Russell
Quest For A Golden KeyGeoffrey Thornber8-9 Jun 2000ACD ???
Don't Dress for DinnerMarc Camoletti, translated by Robin Hawdon20,23-27 May 2000SNR Sue Mooney
Three One Acts 18,20-25 Mar 2000 
Last Tango In Little Grimley
David Tristam SNR Derrick Jones
The Anderson
Kathy Mead SNR Tom Thistleton
Joining The Club
David Tristam SNR Barbara Ritchie
Habeas CorpusAlan Bennett15, 18-22 Jan 2000SNR Jean Cox
The Accrington PalsPeter Whelan13, 16-20 Nov 1999SNR Mike Rogerson
Straight and NarrowJimmy Chinn18, 21-25 Sep 1999SNR Richard Ellis
The Billy Club PuppetsFederico Garcia Lorca7 Jul 1999ACD Julie Ward
Blithe SpiritNoel Coward15, 18-22 May 1999SNR Norman Whitelam
TwoJim Cartwright22-24 Apr 1999ACD Sue Mooney
Neville's IslandTim Firth20, 23-27 Mar 1999SNR Maureen Wynne
The Cemetery ClubIvan Menchell30 Jan, 2-6 Feb 1999SNR Babs Frith
3P NiteDianne JenkinsDec? 1998SNR Dianne Jenkins
How The Other Half LovesAlan Ayckbourn28 Nov, 1-5 Dec 1998SNR Jean Cox
Spring and Port WineBill Naughton3, 6-10 Oct 1998SNR Joyce Kirkham
Blood BrothersWilly Russell2-4 Jul 1998ACD Sue Mooney and Barbara Ritchie
The Darling Buds of MayH. E. Bates23, 26-30 May 1998SNR Derek Slater
A Passionate WomanKay Mellor4, 7-11 Apr 1998SNR Joyce Kirkham
When We Are MarriedJ.B. Priestley31 Jan, 3-7 Feb 1998SNR Mary Scott
Season's GreetingsAlan Ayckbourn29 Nov, 2-6 Dec 1997SNR Sue Mooney
Shut Your Eyes and Think of EnglandJohn Chapman and Anthony Marriott27 Sep, 30 Sep - 4 Oct 1997SNR Bill Platt
Our Day OutWilly Russell6-8 Jul 1997ACD Barbara Ritchie
Two One Acts June? 1997 
3D Club
Dianne Jenkins SNR Dianne Jenkins
A Revue
Dianne Jenkins ACD Dianne Jenkins
The Importance Of Being EarnestOscar Wilde10,13-17 May 1997SNR Norman Whitelam
Talking HeadsAlan Bennett3-5 Apr 1997SNR Maureen Wynne
Come Blow Your HornNeil Simon15, 18-22 Mar 1997SNR Joyce Kirkham
My Three AngelsSam and Bella Spewack18, 21-25 Jan 1997SNR Babs Frith
Murder By MisadventureEdward Taylor23, 26-30 Nov 1996SNR Maureen Wynne
It Runs In The FamilyRay Cooney and John Chapman5, 9-12 Sep 1996SNR Mike Russell
RashomonRyunosuke Akutagawa11, 14-18 May 1996SNR Pam Slater
Living QuartersBrian Friel2, 5-9 Mar 1996SNR Mary Scott
The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams13, 16-20 Jan 1996SNR Maureen Ransome
Under MilkwoodDylan Thomas15 Dec 1995Joyce Kirkham
AladdinJohn Morley6-9 Dec 1995SNR Barbara Ritchie
Nasty NeighboursDebbie Isitt21, 24-28 Oct 1995SNR Frank Kirkham
ConfusionsAlan Ayckbourn9, 12-16 Sep 1995SNR Jean Cox
Les Liaisons DangereusesChristopher Hampton, from the novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos13-20 May 1995SNR Gary K Barnett
DeathtrapIra Levin26 Mar - 2 Apr 1995SNR Babs Frith
Shirley ValentineWilly Russell3-4 Mar 1995SNR Maureen Ransome
Lettice and LovagePeter Shaffer4-11 Feb 1995SNR Frank Kirkham
Jack and the BeanstalkUnknown15-17 Dec 1994SNR Dianne Jenkins and Barbara Ritchie
Double DoorElizabeth McFadden26 Nov - 3 Dec 1994SNR Jean Cox
An Evening with Gary LinekerArthur Smith and Chris England5-8 Oct 1994SNR Andy Smith
An Evening of One Acts 9 Jul 1994 
The Onion Seller
Jessica Fraser SNR Brenda Stringer
How He Lied To Her Husband
Bernard Shaw SNR Julie Ward
The Cinderella Story
Kenneth Lillington SNR Dianne Jenkins and Barbara Ritchie
Curtain CallSketchesJun? 1994ACD Youth Group
Semi-DetachedDavid Turner14, 17-21 May 1994SNR Geoff Reyner
ShadowlandsWilliam Nicholson19, 22-26 Mar 1994SNR Steve Johnson
Run For Your WifeRay Cooney29 Jan, 1-5 Feb 1994SNR Jean Cox
Ring Round The MoonJean Anouilh20, 23-27 Nov 1993SNR Mary Crowther
Separate TablesTerence Rattigan2, 5-9 Oct 1993SNR Frank Kirkham
Key For TwoJohn Chapman and Dave Freeman15, 11-22 May 1993SNR Derek Slater
Time and The ConwaysJ. B. Priestley27 Mar, 30 Mar - 3 Apr 1993SNR Mary Burns
I Never Sang For my FatherRobert Anderson30 Jan, 2-6 Feb 1993SNR Mary Scott
My Cousin RachelDaphne du Maurier, Diana Morgan28 Nov, 1-5 Dec 1992SNR Babs Frith
The Odd Couple (Female Version)Neil Simon10, 13-17 Oct 1992SNR Jean Cox
A Chorus of DisapprovalAlan Ayckbourn9, 12-16 May 1992SNR Edna Garner
The House of Bernarda AlbaFederico García Lorca21, 24-28 Mar 1992SNR Derek Slater
Children of the WolfJohn Peacock1, 4-8 Feb 1992SNR Jean Cox
The Noble SpaniardW Somerset Maugham30 Nov, 3-7 Dec 1991SNR Norman Whitelam
The Patrick Pearse MotelHugh Leonard12, 15-19 Oct 1991SNR Michael Russell
Bedroom FarceAlan Ayckbourn11, 14-18 May 1991SNR Edna Garner
Crossing DelanceySusan Sandler9, 12-16 Mar 1991SNR Derek Slater
Beyond Reasonable DoubtJeffrey Archer19, 22-26 Jan 1991SNR Mike Russell
Two One Acts 1 Dec 1990 
Road To Ruin
Ronald Mitchell SNR Derrick Jones
John Mortimer SNR Cyril Hines
Hedda GablerHenrik Ibsen17, 20-24 Nov 1990SNR Norman Whitelam
Chapter TwoNeil Simon29 Sep - 6 Oct 1990SNR Mike Russell
Stepping OutRichard Harris8-12 May 1990SNR Mike Russell
Deadly NightcapFrancis Durbridge20-24 Mar 1990SNR Babs Frith
We'll Meet AgainJoyce Pomfret and Jo Crossland30 Jan - 3 Feb 1990SNR Joyce Pomfret
All In Good TimeBill Naughton21-25 Nov 1989SNR Bill Platt
And a Nightingale SangC.P. Taylor3-7 Oct 1989SNR Mary Scott
Lady Windermere's FanOscar Wilde16-20 May 1989SNR Edna Garner
A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams4-8 Apr 1989SNR Mike Russell
A Month of SundaysBob Larbey7-11 Feb 1989SNR Jean Cox
CinderellaJohn Morley3, 6-10 Dec 1988SNR Joyce Pomfret
Noises OffMichael Frayn11-15 Oct 1988SNR Mike Russell
Two and Two Make SexRichard Harris and Leslie Darbon17-21 May 1988SNR Babs Frith
All My SonsArthur Miller22-26 March 1988SNR Edna Garner
ZackHarold Brighouse9-13 Feb 1988SNR Judy Parrack
The Owl and the Pussycat Went To See...Sheila Ruskin and David Wood5, 7-12 Dec 1987SNR Joyce Pomfret
Pack of LiesHugh Whitmore6-10 Oct 1987SNR Mike Russell
A Midsummer's Night DreamWilliam Shakespeare19-23 May 1987SNR Edna Garner
Chase Me ComradeRay Cooney31 Mar - 1 Apr 1987SNR Norman Whitelam
Therese RaquinEmile Zola, adapted by Leslie Sands3-7 Feb 1987SNR John Garner
HumbugCharles Dickens, adapted by Heald Green Club6-13 Dec 1986SNR Jean Cox
Local AffairsRichard Harris7-11 Oct 1986SNR Mike Russell
GreaseJim Jacobs and Warren Casey26-28 Jun 1986ACD Colin Barnshaw
Outside EdgeRichard Harris20-24 May 1986SNR John Garner
Born YesterdayGarson Kanin8-12 Apr 1986SNR Geoff Kellett
Salad DaysDorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade11-15 Feb 1986SNR Jean Cox
Puss in BootsJohn Crocker7-14 Dec 1985SNR Ron Townley
The RainmakerN. Richard NashOct? 1985SNR Edna Garner
GodspellStephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak28-29 Jun 1985ACD Colin Barnshaw
She Stoops to ConquerOliver Goldsmith14-18 May 1985SNR Jean Cox
HarveyMary Chase26-30 Mar 1985SNR Edna Garner
A View from the BridgeArthur Miller5-9 Feb 1985SNR John Garner
AladdinJohn Morley1, 3-8 Dec 1984SNR Joyce Pomfret
Educating RitaWilly RussellOct? 1984SNR Jean Cox
Fur Coat and No KnickersMike Harding22-26 May 1984SNR Mike Russell
The DresserRonald Harwood3-7 Apr 1984SNR Edna Garner
Someone WaitingEmlyn Williams14-18 Feb 1984SNR Derrick Jones
RumpelstiltzkinNorman Robbins3, 5-10 Dec 1983SNR Kathy Russell
On Golden PondErnest Thompson11-15 Oct 1983SNR Edna Garner
See How They RunPhilip King10-14 May 1983SNR Edna Garner
The Devil's DiscipleGeorge Bernard Shaw22-26 Mar 1983SNR John Garner
The Prisoner of Second AvenueNeil Simon1-5 Feb 1983SNR Derrick Jones
The Tinder BoxHans Christian Anderson4, 6-11 Dec 1982SNR Jean Cox
A Bedfull of ForeignersDave Freeman5-9 Oct 1982SNR Mike Russell
Three One Acts 19 Jun 1982
Gosforth's Fete
Alan Ayckbourn SNR Derrick Jones
W. C. Harvard ACD Glenys Lloyd
Return Of The Hero
George Holroyd SNR Jean Cox
The Cherry OrchardAnton Chekhov, translated by Sir John Gielgud11-15 May 1982SNR Mike Russell
Horses in MidstreamAndrew Rosenthal30 Mar - 3 Apr 1982SNR Len Simpson
Whose Life Is It, Anyway?Brian Clark9-13 Feb 1982SNR Edna Garner
PinochioBrian Way5, 8-12 Dec 1981SNR Glenys Lloyd
The Man Most Likely To...Joyce Rayburn6-10 Oct 1981SNR John Garner
The LarkJean Anouilh, translated by Christopher Fry19-23 May 1981SNR Edna Garner
Plaza SuiteNeil Simon31 Mar, 1-4 Apr 1981SNR Len Simpson
Rookery NookBen Travers3-7 Feb 1981SNR Doris Cocking
Dick Whittington And His CatGeoffrey Clarke6, 10-13 Dec 1980SNR Joyce Pomfret
Abigails PartyMike Leigh30 Sep - 4 Oct 1980SNR Mike Russell
Variety NightRevue10-17 May 1980SNR Edna Garner
Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeOscar Wilde, adapted by Constance Cox16-19 Apr 1980SNR Mike Russell
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (incomplete)Tennessee Williams12 - 15 Feb 1980SNR Edna Garner
Babes In The WoodWilfred Miller8,10-15 Dec 1979SNR Joyce Pomfret
AureliaRobert Thomas7-10 Nov 1979SNR Mike Russell
The Curious SavageJohn PatrickOct? 1979SNR John Garner
Say Who You AreKeith Waterhouse and Willis Hall8-12 May 1979SNR Len Simpson
Deep Blue SeaTerence Rattigan7-10 Mar 1979SNR Mollie Locke
Music HallRevue6-13 Jan 1979SNR Edna Garner
It's Christmas TimeRevueDec?? 1979SNR Joe Crossland
Suddenly At HomeFrancis Durbridge22-25 Nov 1978SNR Betty Heap
Relative ValuesNoel CowardSep? 1978SNR Edna Garner
Dark Of The MoonHoward Richardson and William Berney10-13 May 1978SNR Edna Garner
Not Now DarlingRay Cooney and John Chapman15-18 Mar 1978SNR Betty Heap
A Doll's HouseHenrik Ibsen25-28 Jan 1978SNR Gerda Redlich
Rumpus In RegaliaGeoffrey Thornber2-10 Dec 1977SNR Geoff Kellett
GaslightPatrick Hamilton28 Sep - 1 Oct 1977SNR Len Simpson
Move Over Mrs MarkhamRay Cooney and John Chapman4-7 May 1977SNR Margaret Brocklehurst
AnastasiaMarcelle Maurette16-19 Mar 1977SNR Geoffrey Kellett
Sound Of MurderWilliam Fairchild2-5 Feb 1977SNR Len Simpson
Snow QueenSuria Magito and Rudolph Weil, from a story by Hans AndersonDec? 1976SNR Edna Garner
Hindle WakesStanley HoughtonSep? 1976SNR Len Simpson
Oh What A Lovely WarCharles Chilton5-8 May 1976SNR Betty Heap
Old Tyme Music Hall (Repeated)RevueApr? 1976SNR Joe Crossland
Barefoot In The ParkNeil Simon10-13 Mar 1976SNR John Garner
Playboy Of The Western WorldJ. M. SyngeJan 21-24 1976SNR Edna Garner
Old Tyme Music HallRevueDec? 1975SNR Joe Crossland
Two One Acts Sep? 1975 
Brian Friel SNR Norman Whitelam
The Coffee Lace
John Bowen SNR Judy Parrack
Daughter Of The Left HandNorman HollandMay? 1975SNR Norman Whitelam
Person UnknownDavid ButlerApr? 1975SNR Lee Simpson
The CrucibleArthur Miller25 Feb - 1 Mar 1975SNR Mollie Locke
Red Riding HoodUnknownDec 1974SNR Don Williams
How The Other Half LovesAlan AyckbournSep 1974SNR Edna Garner
The Roaring TwentiesRevue14-18 May 1974SNR Joyce Pomfret
Romanoff And JulietPeter UstinovMar? 1974SNR Edna Garner
The Importance Of Being EarnestOscar WildeFeb? 1974SNR Teddie Peel
Quest For A Golden KeyGeoffrey ThornberDec? 1973SNR Gordon Butler
The PhysicistsFriedrich Durrenmatt, translated by James Kirkup30 Oct - 3 Nov 1973SNR John Garner
A Friend IndeedWilliam Douglas HomeSeptember 1973SNR Mollie Locke
The Stolen PrinceDan TotherohJun? 1973ACD Peggy Butler
The Wind In The Sassafras TreesRay Galton and Alan Simpson8-12 May 1973SNR Edna Garner
Lottie DundasEnid Bagnold27-31 Mar 1973SNR Alan Grint
Old Tyme Music HallRevue1-2 Mar 1973SNR Peter Womby
GraniteClemence Dane13-17 Feb 1973SNR Mollie Locke
Sleeping BeautyRobert Rutherford and Frank WilcockDec? 1972SNR Joyce Pomfret
Semi-DetachedDavid TurnerSep? 1972SNR Betty Heap
The Rose Without A ThornClifford Bax13-19 May 1972SNR Edna Garner
An Inspector CallsJ. B. Priestley15-18 Mar 1972SNR Eric Peel
Dick WhittingtonRobert Rutherford and Frank Wilcock7-11 Dec 1971SNR Joyce Pomfret
Spring And Port WineBill Naughton29 Sep - 2 Oct 1971SNR Alan Grint
Me And My GirlArthur L. Rose, Douglas Furber, Noel Gay11-15 May 1971SNR Bob Tunicliffe
Farewell, Farewell EugeneJohn Vari, adapted by Rodney Ackland31 Mar - 3 Apr 1971SNR Teddie Peel
Duet For Two HandsMary Hayley Bell1-13 Feb 1971SNR Molly Locke
CinderellaRoland Peake10-19 Dec 1970SNR Judy Parrack
Two One Acts 7-10 Oct 1970 
Terence Rattigan SNR Edna Garner
What Shall We Tell Caroline?
John Mortimer SNR John Garner
Bob's Your UncleAustin Melford16-21 May 1970SNR Bob Tunicliffe
Trap For A Lonely ManRobert Thomas, translated by Lucienne Hill15-18 Apr 1970SNR Edna Garner
The Corn Is GreenEmlyn Williams11-14 Feb 1970SNR Mary Scott
Jack And The BeanstalkRoland Peake9-13 Dec 1969SNR Judie Parrack
Rape Of The BeltBenn W. Levy22-25 Oct 1969SNR Teddie Peel
HighlightsRevue20-24 May 1969SNR Jean Hill
Sailor BewarePhilip King and Falkland L. CaryApr? 1969SNR Edna Garner
Blithe SpiritNoel Coward12-15 Feb 1969SNR Edna D Peel
Mother GooseRoland Peake, adapted by Gordon Butler26-30 Nov 1968SNR Gordon Butler
Tony Draws A HorseLesley Storm25-28 Sep 1968SNR Cliff Brown
Mixed DoublesJohn Mills16-18 May 1968SNR Edna Garner
Dangerous CornerJ. B. Priestley3-6 Apr 1968SNR W.E. Davis
SuspectEdward Percy and Reginald Denham7-10 Feb 1968SNR Teddie Peel
Babes In The WoodClifford B Brown6-9 Dec 1967SNR Cliff Brown
The Full TreatmentMichael Brett1-4 Nov 1967SNR Edna Garner
Watch The BirdieLynn Grummitt4-6 May 1967SNR Stella Winterbottom
Johnny BelindaElmer Blaney Harris5-8 Apr 1967SNR Edna Garner
The Shop At Sly CornerEdward Percy2-4 Feb 1967SNR Eric Peel
AladdinClifford B Brown13-17 Dec 1966SNR Cliff Brown
Hobson's ChoiceHarold Brighouse19-22 Oct 1966SNR John Garner
Royal RevelsJohn Mills12-14 May 1966SNR Joyce James
They Came To A CityJ. B. Priestley17-19 Feb 1966SNR Cliff Brown
My Three AngelsSamuel and Bella Spewack2-4 Dec 1965SNR Teddie Peel
When We Are MarriedJ. B. Priestley6-9 Oct 1965SNR Robert Lindop
Around The World In 80 SongsRevue20 Apr - 1 May 1965SNR Edna Garner and Pat Nash
The House By The LakeHugh Mills18-20 Feb 1965SNR Robert Lindop
Shadow In The SunMaurice McLoughlin10-12 Dec 1964SNR Teddie Peel
Double TroubleMichael Brett8-10 Oct 1964SNR Cliff Brown
Waters Of The MoonN. C. Hunter8-11 Apr 1964SNR Fred Makin
The Roaring TwentiesRevue30 Apr-2 May 1964SNR Edna Garner and Pat Nash
Doctor In The HouseTed Willis, from the book by Richard Gordon19-22 Feb 1964SNR Eric Peel
Garland For ChristmasRevue2-15 Dec 1963SNR John Cule
Dark Of The MoonHoward Richardson and William Berney10-12 Oct 1963SNR Edna Garner
Let's All Go To Music Hall (incomplete)Pat Nash and John CuleMay-Dec 1963 (May 30, Jun 12-13, Jul 1, Dec 19)SNR John Cule and Pat Nash
Breath Of SpringPeter CokeApr 1963SNR Cliff Brown
Billy LiarKeith Waterhouse and Willis Hall14-16 Feb 1963SNR Sydney E Wilson
BonaventureCharlotte HastingsNov 1962SNR Edna D Peel
St. Patrick's Day, or The Scheming LieutenantRichard Brinsley SheridanSep 29 1962SNR John Cule