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Pardon Me Prime Minister


Edward Taylor and John Graham

Directed by: Barbara Ritchie
Assisted by Margaret Williams

3rd, 5th - 10th Jun 2006

The Prime Minister and Chancellor are preparing a puritanical budget taxing amusements such as bingo, gambling and night-clubs out of existence. On the afternoon before its presentation, however, each in turn appears to be the father of the pretty Shirley, the result of a post-party conference night many years ago. In an even less expected family bombshell, it transpires that the Prime Minister's deferential Parliamentary Private Secretary, Campbell, is, in fact, his son ...

Rt. Hon. George Venables John Still
Rodney Campbell Ryan Ellershaw
Rt. Hon. Hector Crammond Peter Nawn
Miss Frobisher Alexis Bull
Sybil Venables Margaret Williams
Shirley Springer Kim Demster
Jane Rotherbrook Mary Ellis
Dora Springer Chris Hall
A Man Duncan Walker
Stage Manager Duncan Walker
Continuity Cathy Campbell
Set Construction Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Janis Brocklehurst
Gary Lawler
Rowland Matthews
Geoff Sylvester
Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Lighting Val Donlan
Sound Cyril Hines
Properties Joyce Sykes
Hilda Knight
Wardrobe Joan Heinekey
Title Page Design Derek Frith
Production Assistant Dodie Jones