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Outside Edge


Richard Harris

Directed by John Garner

20th - 24th May, 1986

The 'Warford Cricketeers' are preparing for a grudge match against their arch-rivals. Roger, the team Captain, is distracted by the pre-marital and post-marital affairs of his team members.
Miriam, his ever-faithful wife, supports him through through thick and thin - until she hears a rumour...

Miriam Freda Hinson
Roger Michael Russell
Bob Neil Hayward
Dennis Joe Crossland
Maggie Barbara Ritchie
Kevin Derrick Jones
Ginnie Christine Hall
Alex Colin Barnshaw
Sharon Caroline Hulme
Stage Manager Ron Townley
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Christine Hall
Properties Marjorie Cox
Barbara Hayward
Hilda Knight
Continuity Liz Crossland
Lighting Mary Gregory
Sound David Kehoe
Set Construction Michael Elliot
Tony Williams
Geoffrey Frost
John Rowlands
Pat Hohne
Barbara Hayward
Barbara Hopkinson
Production Assistant Alison Hall
Programme Design Derek Frith