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Natural Causes


Eric Chappell

Directed by: John Still

12th,14th - 19th May 2007

Vincent is from Exodus, a euthanasia group that assists people in suicide. When he is invited to Walter Bryce's country house to assist in the disposal of Walter's wife he senses something is wrong. Why are the suicide notes unsigned? What is the role of Walter's attractive secretary? Why has the Samaritan been sent for?

Vincent Ian Tyler
Walter John Still
Celia Barbara Ritchie
Withers Duncan Walker
Angie Alex Bull
Stage Manager Val Donlan
Continuity Margaret Ritchie
Set Construction Val Donlan
Cyril Hines
Geoff Sylvester
Doreen Brady
Roger Brady
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Derek Frith
Properties Hilda Knight
Joyce Sykes
Wardrobe Joan Heinekey
Programme Cover Design Derek Frith
Production Assistant Dodie Jones