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Move Over Mrs Markham


Ray Cooney and John Chapman

2,4-9 Dec 2000
Director: Mike Russell
A classic farce - The Markham's flat becomes a scene of total confusion as three couples converge on it, each expecting it to be free for an evening of illicit passion. Add a vague authoress and a stray telephone operator, and stir continuously until it comes to the boil.
Linda Lodge Krys Rodda
Joanna Markham Sue Mooney
Sylvie Rhiannon Lewis
Olive Harriet O'Smythe Margaret Williams
Miss Wilkinson Kathy Drewry
Philip Markham Bill Nolan
Henry Lodge Geoff Bird
Alistair Spendlow Richard Ellis
Walter Pangbourne Chris Jorgenson
Stage Manager Doreen Brady
Wardrobe Jayne Taylor
Properties Valeris Swuthenbank
Edwige Marsland
Continuity Barbara Hopkinson
Lighting Ian Tyler
Sound Val Donlan
Staging Norman Whitelam
and the workshop team
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Programme Cover Deek Frith
Produciton Assistant Derrick Jones