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Move Over Mrs Markham


Ray Cooney and John Chapman

4th -7th May 1977
Director: Margaret Brocklehurst
A classic farce - The Markham's flat becomes a scene of total confusion as three couples converge on it, each expecting it to be free for an evening of illicit passion. Add a vague authoress and a stray telephone operator, and stir continuously until it comes to the boil.
Linda Lodge Freda Hinson
Joanna Markham Babs Jay
Sylvie Jill Nash
Olive Harriet O'Smythe Maisie Pring
Miss Wilkinson Beryl Jolley
Philip Markham Peter Womby
Henry Lodge Mike Russell
Alistair Spendlow Don Williams
Walter Pangbourne Ray Thomas
Stage Manager Cyril Hines
Wardrobe Sheila Kirwin
Properties Hilda Carroll
Barbara Hopkinson
Continuity Len Simpson
Lighting Mark Lennard
Sound Ron Proctor
Set Construction Stan Brown
Laurie Kirwin
John Hampson
Duncan Walker
Pat Yarwood
Margaret Brown
Programme Design David Gregson
Production Assistant Laurie Kirwin