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The Man Most Likely To


Joyce Rayburn

Directed by: Joyce Garner

6th - 10th October 1981

A comedy about a permissive youth, a father and son who cannot communicate, and a wife whose ex-fiance is still around after 20 years of marriage.

Victor CadwalladerMichael Russell
Joan CadwalladerFreda Hinson
Martin MorleyDerrick Jones
Shirley HughesDiane Landman
Giles CadwalladerNeil Hayward
Stage ManagerJonathan Stott
Set ConstructionNeil Hayward
Jonathan Stott
Assisted By
David Burt
Dennis Carroll
Derek Frith
Clive Jones
Derrick Jones
Geoff Reyner
Michael Russell
LightingMary Gregory
SoundGeoff Reyner
WardrobeJoyce Pomfret
PropertiesMaureen Turner
Brenda Jones
ContinuitySheila Kirwin
Programme DesignDerek Frith
Our Thanks Are Due To G N Booth (Furniture) Ltd Of Eccles For The Loan Of The Funiture Used In The Play