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Lord of The Flies


William Golding

Directed by: Alex and Nathaniel Hall, Nic Stacey

December? 2006

Following an horrific plane crash, a group of public school boys are marooned on a desert island...

RalphTom Quinn
PiggyHannah O'Donoghue
JackOlivia Waring
SimonRebecca White
HenryLiza Sexton
SamChloe Nelson
EricNic Stacey
MauriceJames Paterson
RogerCiara Tansey
PercivalJames Robinson
Navel officerAlex Hall
Lighting/SoundNathaniel Hall
Stacie Palmer-Young
SetAlex Hall
Ciara Tansey
Hannah O'Donoghue
James Paterson
Nathaniel Hall
Nic Stacey
Tom Quinn
Costumes and PropsAlex Hall
Nathaniel Hall
Nic Stacey
With thanks to
Cyril Hines
Derek Hohne (and the Front of House team)
Alex Marshall and Anthony Dean