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The Lark


Jean Anouilh,
translated by Christopher Fry

Directed by: Edna Garner

19th - 23rd May 1981

To the great lords of her time as well as the politicians of the Church expediency was God. So the Maid had to die. So to Warwick and Cauchon, her life has the'somewhat artificial, and certainly impersonal, quality of a play. Short scenes from it are…

Beauchamp Michael Russell
Monsieur Cauchon Peter Womby
Joan Sarah Mawhinney
Her father Joe Crossland
Her Mother Joyce Pomfret
Her brother Andrew Pomfret
Canon D'esivet of Bayweux John Garner
Emissary from the Pope Tom Hind
Brother Ladvenu Laurie Kirwin
Robert de Beaudricourt David Burt
Boudousse Eric Ormrod
Agnes Sorel Freda Hinson
The Young Queen Lousie Glover
Charles, The Dauphin Neil Hayward
Queen Yolande Doris Cocking
Archbishop of Rheims Arthur Dyer
M de la Trenouville Don WIlliams
Page to Dauphin Jonathan Swift
Capatain La Hire Les Hinson
The Hangman Eric Ormrod
Soldiers Jonathan Stott
Pat Hohne
Stage Manager Lucy Butler
Continuity Liz Crossland
Lighting Mary Gregory
Cyril Hines
Sound Norman Whitelam
Properties Ann Hines
Maureen Turner
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Brenda Jones
Sarah Mawhinney
Pat Hoehne
Nina Glover
Sheila Kirwin
Claire Stevenson
May Seal
Joyce Stott
Helen Darnly
Christine Hall
Set Construction Cyril Hines
Stan Brown
Jonathan Stott
Production Assistant Arthur Dyer
Make-Up Edna Garner