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Jack And The Beanstalk


Charlie Cook

Directed by: Chris Hall
Musical Director, Luke Moulsher

5th - 10th December, 2017

A traditional pantomime telling the story of Jack and his adventures with a cow, beanstalk and giant. Helped by his brother, Simon, and his mother, Dame Trott, he attempts to kill the giant in order to gain the hand of the beautiful Princess Jade but will the giant's evil henchman thwart his efforts? Oh no he won't!


Fairy SnowHolly Gibson
JackLois Moore
SimonAnna Pullar
Dame TrottPaul Lewis
RatfaceCharlie Cook
King NutmegMartin Davey
Princess JadeScarlett Dean
Daisy's HandlersEmily Fairlie
Eve Freeston-Chang
PickMarius Cotteverte-Roques
MixMarcus Besso
Giant ThunderboltMark Vincent
Chorus Team A Tues/Thurs/Sat evening and Sun matinee
Emily Fairlie, Hannah Mulroney, Eve Freeston-Chang, Rachel Tibbitts, Milo Whelan-Frost, Sophie Bradshaw, Cara Saint, Bella Herbert, Mia Pullar, Alana Wilson, Frances Johnson, Caitlin Whelan-Frost, Hannah Wright, Jessica Guilfoyles, Jahmahl Walcott, Adele Cotteverte-Roque, Faye Maddocks, Jakob Goodwin-Davey, Mia-Rae Cousins, Sadie O'Neill, Robbie Morris, Courtney Simpson, Charlotte Knight
Chorus Team B Wed/Fri/Sat matinee
Emily Fairlie, Hannah Mulroney, Eve Freeston-Chang, Rachel Tibbitts, Jasmine Howson, Kitty Hinde, Maisie Hinde, Finn Williams, Anna-Rose Stewart, Hannah Holbrook, Evie Prescott, Megan Kerrigan-Saunders, Krishna McKellar, Emily Breidenbach, Ruby Hesketh, Lottie Hendry, Archie Hendry, Elissa Wilson, Scarlett Wilson, Eva Marsden, Lola Hinde, Indira Wade, Faye Maddocks, Kaya George
Stage ManagerJackie Evans
Assistant Stage ManagerJennie Davey
Set DesignNathaniel Hall
Set ConstructionSteve Hall
Nathaniel Hall
Scenic PaintingNathaniel Hall
Shirley Murray
PropsCharlie Cook
Jackie Evans
CostumesChris Hall
Gaelle Rogues
Jackie Evans
Liz Buckley
Make upGaelle Rogues
Dame's Personal DresserLiz Cook
ChaperonesChris Hall, Gaelle Rogues
Jackie Evans
Anne Davey
Children's DressersBeatrice Johnson
Gaelle Rogues
SoundOllie Carroll
LightingChris Toms
HISTORICAL NOTE: On the first night, the Musical director was admitted to hospital. He recorded his live links and they were operated by the sound operator, Ollie Carroll, and '12 days of Christmas' was performed live by Eve Freeston-Chang