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It's Christmas Time

December? 1979

A musical extravaganza

It's Christmas Time
Introduced by Tom Hind
A Christmas Card
"Coventry Carol"
Beryl Churchouse, Peggy Wright, Joe Crossland, Ted Simms
A Christmas Carol
An operetta in two acts
Directed by Glenys Lloyd
story by Charles Dickens
Music and Lyrics by Virginia Hageman
dialogue by Eleanor Jones
by permission of Theodore Presser Company, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
ScroogeJames Berrisford
Bob CratchittRobert Hoilt
FredCarl Baker
First GentlemanPaul Boot
Second GentlemanAlistair Strachan
MarleyKeith Thompson
MarthaLeslie Martin
PaterDavid Prince
Mrs CratchittEdwina Hoilder
BelindaAlison Sylvester
GirlKim McGee
Tiny TimClive Jomes
SpiritsSarah Russell
Lousie Goddard
Diane Haward
Offstage VoiceDavid Prince
Janet Brown, Susan Fisher, Maria O'Malley, Celia Harris, Anne Cooke, Helen Burgess, Wenda Barlow, Kathryn Forrest, Rache Grieve
A Christmas Pantomime
Three Penny Panto or Potted Potty Panto
Written and Directed by Joe Crossland
Fairy GoodBeryl Jolley
Town CrierPhillip Kerwin
BoadiceaJohn Rowlands
Baron Royer de CodegerLes Hinson
AshesDeborah Tivey
ZipCarl Baker
Prince DelightAmanda Hal
Demon BadJonathan Stott
KhakiChris Womby
SlutchTed Simms
Tracey Hinson, Sandar Baker, Kirsten Flynn, Margaret Whitelam, Janet Brown
A Christmas Present
The spirit of giving to each other
Carols in which you the audience are invited to join
Accompanist - Arthur Dyer
Stage ManagerMark Lennard
Workshop ManagerStan Brown
PropertiesC Baker
D Tivey
C Smart
WardrobeJ Pomfret
LightingC Bottomley
SoundNorman Whitelam
Make-upL Butler
E Garner
G Lloyd
ContinuityJ Pomfret
Organ kindly loaned by The Macclesfield Organ Centre