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It Runs In The Family


Ray Cooney

Directed by: Tom Thistleton

16,18-23 Apr 2005

It's three days before Christmas. In the Doctor's Common Room of St Andrew's Hospital in London, David Mortimore is composing the speech he will give to a distinguished gathering of neurologists, a speech which may well make or break his career. All he needs is a little peace and quiet to finish it...

Unfortunately for our hero peace and quiet is in very short supply. A nurse with whom he had an affair years ago turns up to confront him with the fact that he is the father of her son, who is now eighteen.

Not only that, but the said son is now downstairs in the hospital and is desperate to meet the Dad he has never seen.

How on earth can Mortimore keep this catastrophic news from his wife and the hospital authorities, and still deliver his speech?

Dr David Mortimore John Still
Dr Mike Connolly Ryan Ellershaw
Rosemary Pam Roberts
Dr Hubert Bonney Charlie Cook
Matron Barbara Ritchie
Sir Willoughby Drake Peter de la Wych
Jane Tate Carmel Bird
Sister Rhiannon Lewis
Leslie Nathaniel Hall
Police Sergeant Paul Lewis
Bill Fred Yeomans
Mother Doris Cocking
Stage Manager Emma Cartledge
Wardrobe Joan Heineckey
Properties Valerie Swithenbank
Liz Cook
Clair Lewis
Continuity Margaret Williams
Lighting Cyril Hines
Sound Val Donlan
Set Design Cyril Hines
Set Construction Cyril Hines
Doreen and Roger Brday
Val Donlan
Derek Frith
Victor Stansfield
Trevor Tyler
Roland and Gillian Matthews
Scenic Artist Shirley Murray
Production Asistant Dodie Jones
Programme Cover Derek Frith