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An Inspector Calls



Directed by: Eric Peel

15th - 18th Mar 1972

Priestley's classic play of the believable middle-class Yorkshire family called to account for its moral crimes by the enigmatic Inspector Goole stands as a metaphor for our own failure to accept our responsibility to others.

Arthur Birling Peter Womby
Gerald Croft Norman Whitelam
Sheila Birling Helen Scott
Sybil Birling Joan Pearson
Edna Nancy Womby
Eric Birling Barrie Billinge
Inspector Goole Ray Thomas
Stage Manager Maureen Ogley
ASMs Barry Outhwaite
Cecil Wildman
Properties Pearl Nash
Mavis Rowlands
Continuity Mary Gregory
Lighting John Williamson
Sound Cyril Hines
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret