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The Importance Of Being Earnest


Oscar Wilde

Directed by: Teddie Peel

Feb? 1974

One of the classic comedies of the English stage, this is the story of young people in love in the fashionable society of the 1890s. The wishes of two young ladies to marry a young man named Earnest when neither of their lovers can claim this distinction is solved, not least, by the owner of a handbag left at a mainline Station (the station is irrelevant).

Algernon Moncrieff David Gregson
Lane (Mr Moncrieff's manservant) Eric Peel
John Worthing J.P. Roger Metcalfe
Lady Bracknell Mollie Locke
Hon Gwendolen Fairfax (her daughter) Pat Thomas
Miss Prism Marjorie Mayhew
Cecily Cardew (Ward to John Worthing) Freda Hinson
Merriman (Butler to John Worthing) Ray Thomas
Rev Canon Chasuble D.D. Kenneth Dooley
Stage Manager Harry Outhwaite
Wardrobe May Seal
Beryl Jolley
Properties Babs Jay
Hilda Carroll
Barbara Moss
Continuity Janet Pecker
Lighting Mary Stenson
Rod Holt
Sound Cyril Hines
Set Construction John Rowlands
Ron Proctor
Cecil Wildman
Bob Ward
Norman Whitelam