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I Never Sang For My Father


Robert Anderson

Directed by: Mary Scott

30th Jan, 2nd - 6th Feb 1993

This is the story of Gene, a widower, with an elderly mother whom he loves and an eighty-year-old father, whom he has never loved, hard as he tried. The father has been mayor of a small town in Westchester County, self-made and highly respected. Beneath these trappings, however, he is a mean, unloving and ungenerous man, who has driven his daughter away because of her marriage to a Jew and has alienated his son through his possessiveness, his selfishness and his endless reminiscences. Suddenly the mother dies, and Gene is faced with the responsibility of having the father on his hands just at a time when he wants to remarry and move to California.

Gene Garrison Steve Johnson
Porter/Waiter Phil Levine
Tom Garrison Norman Whitelam
Margaret Garrison Jean Cox
Mary Glenda Robinson
Nurse Sarah Price
Rev Pell Bill Greaves
Marvin Scott Derrick Jones
Dr Mayberry Geoff Bird
Alice Sue Mooney
Stage Manager John Rowlands
Wardrobe Joyce Pomfret
Hilary Whitelam
Properties Joyce Sykes
Annemarie Thorp
Anne Hines
Hilda Knight
Lighting Cyril Hines
Richard Webb
Sound Gordon Butler
Kandise Jackson
Set Construction Norman Whitelam
Richard Webb
John Rowlands
Cyril Hines
Gordon Butler
Continuity Jayne Reynolds
Photography Mike Savage
Ian Smith
Programme Cover Derek Frith
Production Assistant Anne Hines